Equin: The Lantern - Free Steam Key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key
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Categories: Indie / RPG / Strategy

Developer: DXF Games

Publisher: DXF Games

Release Date: Oct 27, 2016

Windows Requirements

  • OS: Win XP, 7
  • Processor: Fully tested on 2Ghz, older machines should have no problem too
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Anything that handles basic hardware acceleration
  • Storage: 54 MB available space
  • Sound Card: No fancy sound card required
  • Additional Notes: 54 MB hard drive space is req for the awesomeness
Equin: The Lantern free steam key
Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

Equin: The Lantern free steam key

About the Game

A randomly generated deal, each game is different!


You're a kid. Who's gray. With rabbit ears.

People have been grumbling about the goings-on below town. Seems there's some sort of magic lantern that's throwing the whole joint into chaos. Yeah, that's what I said too! Full of it, they gotta' be, right? Turns out- not so much..

So.. What's it you do again, kid? Warrior? Thief? Wizard?
OH! A lawyer!?

Hahaha, well you sure had me fooled there for a while.. little jerk..

Here's what you're gonna' do: Head below town, JUST FOR ME, and see what the hell that Lantern's on about. They tell me it turns all kinds of colors, and each color changes the rules.

How so!? What am I, an electrician?!?
That's up to you to find out!

And so you did!


Equin: The Lantern is my fun little roguelike with some wholly original ideas. Conquer the 50 floor dungeon and its evil inhabitants in a quest to the bottom of the joint to find the mysterious lantern itself. With features like a turn-based 1st person battle system, Auto Killing weaker enemies, an XP Hit Streak bonus, hundreds of weapons and armor to find, diabolical floor events to shake things up, a lantern who screws with the rules, and oh yeah- PERMADEATH BABY, this is the game for those who like a good challenge.

STRATEGERIZE by slamming doors in your enemy's face to lock them in a room, or lead them into a web and trap their stank @sses. Watch out for stronger champ versions though and much stronger bosses at every turn!

NOTE: This time around I got some help from the fantasic Rocco W and his sick 8-bit tunes! They were so good I decided to scrap all my own music except for the title theme.


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